Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 134.10

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  1. I dont want to comment here but I really think that he is the King of Langya City, Red Phoenix. I don’t remember his name anymore. Sorry if you think I’m wrong.

    1. But he just looks like him so maybe not. So I still think he is the crippled one on the sect, the poker-face guy. Because the girl with white hair is his sister.

  2. why does everyone think the demon lord is thunderoots XD XD XD
    you’re all soo stupid!!! demon lord is new character!!
    how the hell would thunderoots be a demon lord???
    XD XD

  3. lmaooo it really is him. he was introduced in the early chapters where he was tryna fight coffin face and is a prankster

  4. If I’m being honest, I’ve forgotten all about this orange prankster dude- cos it’s been a looooong time since I’ve read those chapters… can someone please give me the chapters that he’s in?? I wanna get a quick flashback to understand who he is again.

    Thaaaank yoooou soooo muuuch leaf crew!!! 🍃 🍃 🍃

  5. I think demon Lord is coffin face with the blue hair and cold attitude, you guys should realise this!!
    I ship both of them!
    Match made in heaven

  6. Is it too much of a stretch to say
    Red-haired orange-eyed guy X Orange-haired red-eyed girl
    means the author is having fun just inverting characters?

  7. I think demon lord is thunderoots not that guy who just appeared again that tricked him with the mirror. As you can see they are not the same person in this episode. He is speaking with demon lord so it can’t be him.

    And about the situation of the MC, I think demon lord knows that it’s her.

  8. I think the demon lord is the one who helped her before she falls in the mountain. But wasnt able to rescue her. I forgot his name. Thats y he desperately wants to find her.

  9. 🤣🤣🤣omg haha… definitely that red hair guy that she met with coffin face…

    Thanks leaf and Mr.1909 + Ybrehl ♥️🤗

  10. It’d make no fucking sense if he knew it was her. I don’t care what bs explanation they’ll give at the end. There’s no sound reason… I swear it’s gonna be some stupid ass “yOu mAyBE cHaNGeD yOUr aPPeaRaNCe, vOiCe, diSpoSiTiON, aNd eVeRyTHinG eLsE tHaT deScriBes a PerSOn, bUt YOu caN’T dEciEvE mE!!!”

  11. HOLY GODS !!!! you guys in the comments are right it is him!
    I didn’t notice it before but now that its being mention he does act like him …….. THANKS LEAF!!!!

  12. To remind everyone here who is a little bit confused, Demon Lord indeed knows its her (we read his thoughts and he did mention the one he’s looking for is already here and that’s the reason why he let the other girls go easily) but is most likely not aware on HOW she’s currently an old lady and doesn’t really care on WHY she’s there.

    As of this chapter, judging from our MC’s reaction and nostalgia, Demon Lord at this point is indeed same red hair, gold eye guy/prankster who was introduced alongside Coffin face back then. Same guy who gave her trouble with the mirror incident and same guy she sealed (to think she had the power to dispose of him before getting buffed, guy must’ve been nerfed if its not related to the demon world?)

  13. Maybe the demon lord believes she’s actually the grandmother of herself lol

    Thaaaaank yooooou sooooo muuuuch leaf crew!!! 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃💖🙏

    1. He actually knew it’s her the moment they first met. But he doesn’t know what kind of method she used to change her apperance.

    2. Nope he trolling her like he “did Before” and you can call this revange for what she did to him”Before”.and Yes he Know the truth But He is Type of Troller that trying to have his Fun

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