The Peerless Concubine Chapter 59

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Please give your thanks to Caya ! Because school is starting soon, next week I will only release main series in hopes to catch up before I get busy 😛



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  1. Thanks, Caya and leaf. Our male lead is never going to fall for your social positions. Just get lost b4 he loses his temper hahaha

  2. It’s not like Master didn’t see the way they treated Ruge from the street fight before (He was on a balcony watching). He know how scheming the Bai family is so ChuoMing trying to make herself look good is a waste of time. – HUGGY- LOL

  3. While I do like what this ML is doing, he’s probably not making a good impression on Rouge. I’d be a pity is they fight over this. Since the MC is not showing too much brainpower recently, she should shut up and stay with icy boy, and not mess with everyone.
    Thanks for the update, and special thanks to Caya!

    1. To be fair, I think most women with self respect would be wary of anyone no matter the status advancing as quickly as the young master is. I get it, he is inexperienced in this type of thing but he needs to pump the breaks a little.

  4. Bahahaha he went from 0 to 100 real quick. In less than a day hes taking her hand, making plans for her chores, grabbing her waist and now concluding shes his woman! Poor girl doesn’t know what hit her 🤣🤣

    Thank you for the updates!

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