The Peerless Concubine Chapter 59.5

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  1. Thank you Caya and Leaf!

    Gaaahd this idiots don’t know when to stop do they? Anyway I am looking forward to more of Ruge and baby boy’s interaction. Hope that Ruge wouldn’t need their rescuing in the future. Go be an a**-whipping lady! <3

  2. Ms. Bai did recognize Master that’s why her inner thoughts were like ” how dare you Ruge, I’m going to kill you for this” and tried to say ” look I’m better than Ruge because I’m almost a master Alchemist”. Master is telling Ms. Bai “Bugger Off, leave us alone or your dead meat”. I’m surprised Master just doesn’t say – Lets get hitched in 3 days (not giving her time to think about it). This is the funniest situation so far in this story.

      1. @AnneJoonie I thought she would be an op female lead as well. But by the title itself, you can predict that she would still be a damsel that needs saving. Anyways… @Red You should look up the definition of feminist first and where it came from before spouting harassment comment like yours. Here’s the definition of feminism: Feminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that share a common goal: β€œto define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.” You’re a troll and should avoid comment section. Thanks.

  3. Smoooooth!
    Thank you very much, Leaf!
    Can’t wait for the next update!

  4. Is there some pages missing here? I’m kinda confused with the abrupt jump from the white haired guy beating the Bai young master into asking Ruge about whether she had calmed down or not.

    On another note, did that Miss Bai did not realize the white haired guy (who was his name again? I forgot) is the one she said she likes??

      1. She saw the white haired young man before, although they didn’t speak at all, nor did they get to know who the other party is (I mean their name and family). Also, that former fiance of Rouge is attracted to Miss Bai, while she seems to just use that idiot, and not harbor any real feelings or care about him.

      2. You can check if you want, but Lings ex- fiance has a onesided thing for Ms Bai. Lings “sister” has a thing for Lings now ex-fiance. At the start of this there was a chapter where Ms Bai was walking with her two brothers and the white haired guy and his two “helpers” rode throught the town with their horses. Ms Bai goes into saying something like: “Next time we meet IΒ΄ll make you a part of my family” or something while looking after him… if Iremember correctly

    1. It is a bit abrupt, but I believe what happened was that Ling Ruge started getting a little annoyed because of how forward the socially important-and-incompetent Young Master was.

      Young Master assumed she was annoyed because of the Bai Siblings, so he beat up the pushy brother and then went ‘Did that help calm you down? *stoically hopeful*’.

      Ling Ruge then went ‘…wait, he beat up the Young Master of another family just because he thought I was angry at the other asshole?’ and had a moment of blushing at someone going so far to earn her favor, so they decided to keep going.

      Young Master’s Servants both were going ‘man, our Young Master is so cool and forwards’.

      Bai family siblings are still dumb and now plotting revenge on the guy who is probably a literal prince or something. Don’t think the female really recognized the prince as the man she was making googly eyes at earlier, since earlier it was more of a ‘oh wow that’s a handsome man riding by with a cloak’, and she’s got the whole ‘irrational hatred of Ling Ruge’ thing going on, so the idea of someone she’s interested in hanging out with Ruge doesn’t occur to her.

      Abruptness kinda works, oddly, because it was like ‘HERE IS THE WINDUP TO A NEW FIGHT SC-oh, no, the Mysterious White Haired Young Master just one-shot the other guy with the sheer pressure of a single air punch or something, never mind.’

      1. he is a prince and one of Bad**** type who have no problem in Teabag you and this idiot family will start to Kiss the A** soo much Soon

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