Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 134.7

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  1. I think “wife” in Chinese can also be interpreted as “the lady” or “madam” lol. It would be hilarious if he meant the granny! I’m sure the blood demon monarch would FLIP if he sends all the stuff to the granny!!

  2. the demon monarch is sooooo jealous
    But does he know Xiao Wan’s secret?
    And if he does will he send the gifts to the granny? XD

  3. Wahaahaha, it’s so hillaaaarioous. I can’t stop laughing, and then our Blood Monarch can kill herself of her Jealousy. THANKYOU so much for the fast update timelessleaf, Big Red and Ybrehl 😊

  4. i think their is a wife but she is in her disguise right at the moment , i bet his majesty already knows her secret and just not showing it. THANKS LEAF !

  5. and after all this, the wife he sends all his presents for is… the granny
    it will be such a shock for all of them XD
    thx for the update~
    can’t wait to see if that really happens 😀

  6. No matter how many times I reread this the demon lord(red hair) still reminds me of the guy the MC tied upside down to a tree and drew a turtle on his back(also had red hair), am i seeing things???

  7. Somehow i wanna laugh hahahaha……

    Is it…the granny?(aka mc)….baicang?….or an illusion Wife? Hoho…. interesting…

    Though i kinda do ship mc and and the demon lord (the red hair dude)

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