Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 211.5

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  1. The Emperor should let HengHeng divorce her family. How are they going to steel something that’s keep in her head? She hasn’t wrote it down – Heng could write some BS down on how to make steel – thus screwing up their plans, making them look like fools.

  2. Yuheng might already know what’s gonna happen and so does the 9th prince… they’re just waiting to see who takes the bait first.

  3. Steal the tech for the new steel refinment that only the whole court knows who orignally had it thats really not the best idea is it now

  4. This might just be the end of the Feng family in the capital. I hope they do try to steal the tech, and then mess up so badly they all get sacked.
    Thanks again for the release, Leaf and Zoe!

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