The Peerless Concubine Chapter 57.5

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  1. OMG the look on his bodyguards face. bahahahah Ruge is a gentle person with her family, the slaves she bought, the maid, the Alchemist and whom ever isn’t trying kill her. Keep wondering what Masters real name is & who is he really.

  2. If the MC has enough money to hire a bodyguard that can kick as, then she would have already own the city.

    Either they are in a panic or their intelligent are rather dim.

  3. I have the same reaction
    doesn’t really make sense
    why not speak the truth? or do you want to know her better?
    thx for the chapters~
    have a nice day 😊

  4. Thanks to Leaf & Caya! These new chapters, I can’t help but laughing. It hurts my stomach. And I’m reading it in the middle of the night! Haha~

  5. Thank you Leaf!!!
    … She should ensure, that the kids get her smarts…I’m sure there are pills for that… -_-‘
    Poor guard. He tried SOoo hard to ensure success and yet…

  6. I mean seem about right if u think of his charcter hes a man of wealth, looks, strength and social stance (this is with the idea i think hes a prince) he has had woman throw themselves at him hes never had to try to woo anyone before so his remarks athough sound funny for being streight forward it makes alot of sense

    1. I think he actually was. This is coming off as a misunderstanding (both the guards and her part) in his case, the remark shes “gentle” is probably less about her personality and more about how he feels when he touches her because of how she reduces the poison

  7. Thanks for the chapter !!
    Hahaha gentle !? wuut
    Btw how come people from this city are soo stuupid bodyguard ? The guy clearly didn’t present himself as a bodyguard when he came to help Ling Ruge.

    1. Well, she knocked out her bitchy cousin at least once without actually touching her.

      That’s very gentle!

      No punching at all!

  8. Wow, smooth, very smooth dude, just like sandpaper. You can sharpen an axe on that, and execute him more smoothly than this line. I guess his cold poison is helping him not blush like a tomato.
    Thanks again for the hard work, Leaf and Caya!

  9. Triangle love would coming once that Bai lady sees Ruge’s so called bodyguards (I refer to the white haired guy), she has shown interest to the master.

    1. i dont think it would be triangle live since white haired guy (sorry i didn’t know his name too) won’t even see her (bai) πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  10. This chapter is full of stupid people. And yes, I actually included the ML. Though it would be more accurate to call him awkward

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