Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 133.9

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  1. It’s Coffin Face… He was spared from the illusion but could not save himself over his feelings for the MC, and became corrupted by the heart demon and became OP. His due diligence during his early enclosed training allowed him to be perceived by the heart demon as someone worthy of true power, and therefore hasn’t ended his life. He will remain corrupt.

  2. aaaaaah cant wait for read the next chap!! i am always excited for this manhua.. never regret reading this~

    thank you for the team muaah

  3. huh. the tiger girl crosses her legs like a females does…. I expected her to be more like a butch type of girl with more manly attributes.

  4. What do you mean “search” XiaoWan? You need to plunder the entire place like you did with the pills in that lake-space thing from the pharmacists competition.

  5. Go and watch ch 69. That side character is way too smart to understand all the conspiracies here. I wonder if this demon lord diguise as him and got there as the spectator of that competition. Only a guess…..

  6. What I want to know is How does He know Our M.C’s personality?
    This could pretty much be summed up to around 1-3 people at best.
    1. Thunder root guy who betrayed Her
    2. The guy from that time she sneaked out of prison.
    3. ???

    1. My guess is the thief from the very beginning. It set him up as some highly skilled guy that’d be important to the plot, then after MC humiliated him, robbed him blind, then left him hanging in that tree he basically disappeared from the plot. This would be the perfect place to boomerang him back in.

  7. Big Red, Yazuakie, and Leaf: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    I’m excited for what comes next, but take care of yourselves first and foremost 💖

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