Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 209.5

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    1. So currently while XTM is healing, they are pretending to be out of favor (since people think he has no chance of being healed, he has no chance to ascend the throne) to let people let down their guards and find out their secrets. If XTM is out of the running the others have a better shot at the throne so they’ll work harder. In order to make sure the other princes that want the throne don’t get any closer to it or gain any more supporters Aheng and XTM got the first prince (who wants nothing to do with the throne and is already a successful business man with a wife and concubines) to pretend that he is interested. Because he is good at business, has no enemies or real faults, is the first-born, and currently has the king’s favor, droves of officials and people are rushing to his side to support him(because he is the most likely to get the throne). But what does the first prince get out of this? He won’t get the throne, and all this attention is troublesome not to mention dangerous. Well, what many don’t know is that he is impotent. He hasn’t been able to father any children all this time even though he is the oldest and has been married. Of course doctors have checked him out but none of them can help. Then comes along our conveniently talented doctor MC and he has a real shot at being cured. Is it embarrassing? Yes. Is it his only shot at kids? Yes. As such, they make a trade, you help us with the power struggle and you have yourself an 80% at getting healed. However the first prince’s mom only sees how much danger he is putting himself in for an uncertain outcome. Got it?

      1. also, the 1st prince’s mother is basically asking aheng if they’re not worried that the 1st prince might change his mind and go after the throne with all the support he’s getting rn thanks to the plan
        aheng tells her thaty they still need his help, and if the 1st prince betrays them and uses the support he’s getting to ascend the throne, he still be wont be able to have heirs/children because aheng wont help heal him

      2. What is weird to me is that we have 1st prince up to our 9th prince, right?
        Also we know that 5th prince is older, like in his 40s, I think.
        So wouldn’t that make 1st prince between 40-50 year old?
        Well maybe not, since emperor could have kids at the same time with different concubines but since he is 1st prince then he must be older than 5th prince.
        How old is 9th prince – like 22?

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