Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 124.4

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  1. I cant believe dongling died, didnt look like it and also no body was shown. Is this on hiatus? There’s more? Thx for the good work.

    1. I don’t think she died. She just took some pills if she died then those pills would’ve gone to waste. She hasnt even started anything yet. So I dont think she died.

    2. I personally think Donling got kidnapped, then tamed that wierd bird and will appear later, powerful and returning to Beiyue’s side ^.^

  2. She has grown so beautifully! I love the growth of her character, but also she seems to be a little more dependent on her teacher now.
    Still so sad about Dongling though.

  3. Thanks for the updates!

    I’m sad, it looks like Dongling may just have died! I’m still going she might reappear but I have a bad feeling of she does, she will be an enemy of Beiyue!

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