Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 208

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  1. Well technically…… the marriage contracts were as young as 10 or 11 with ‘desirable ‘ traits and bloodlines but the real wedding (read cave night) was not usually until 15 or 16 years old. Especially royal family matches the girl was made “family ” early so she could be brought in to learn palace etiquettes from Madames/Palace mamas and Eunuchs. Though even then were probably some secret pedobears lurking around, reputation was even more important to anyone middle class and above.

  2. I believe the main reason they married young was because they had a shorter life span. Medicines we take for granted like antibiotics, vaccines MMR, polio and smallpox weren’t around then. They may have had many great Meds but still not the same – also got to consider a females child baring years back then.

    1. Of course they didn´t as long as now but they lived longer that what we believe. The reason the life expectancy was so small is that the children death rate was so much bigger than today but after that they could live to quite old ages.

    1. In these ancient china stories everyone is a pedophile. The ML is over 20 and the MC is only 12. This pedo prince must be around 30.

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