August Announcement

Uncategorized / Sunday, August 11th, 2019

Hey everyone! Hope everyone’s summer went well because hell is going to start for us who hates school XD Anyway back to main topic!

  1. Master of Gu is 99.8% dropped by author! There is no ending I believe…so I think the manga will be dropped by artist as well….
  2. I will release MSXD this coming week! I forgot about it sorry guys…
  3. The two new series will have their own schedule one chapter (weekly/bi-weekly)
  4. We are only 1 chapter away from being uptodate for SYDN+GCS I will try to keep it close…
  5. May need another typesetter for Ugly Woman’s Harem code. If you’re interested please email me!
  6. And please thank all of our summer helpers!