Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 51.5

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  1. Even if Xingtu look like he was forced or controlled to kill her in their previous life, he was weak not to figure another way out. If he truly loved our fc, he wouldn’t have to kill her and found another solution, or at least explain it to her… Screwed up killing his own wife and their unborn child. Our fc deserves a man who truly cares for her and love her sincerely. Like, lord bian lol.

    Thanks Leaf, Sam, and Vi ❤️

    1. I feel like I repeated myself roflmao. Anyways wait till we found out that Lord Bian was also one of the perpetrators that planned her murder…


  2. I still ship her with her husband tho. I think he killed her because it was his mission or smth and he couldn’t do anything about it so he decided to kill her even tho he loves her and decided to resurrect her. I’m pretty sure that this Xingtu was the original Xingtu because his virginity mark was already gone. I think he wants to change everything and he wants to make sure that he and his wife lives peacefully this time.

    1. You’re missing the fact that he killed her and their unborn child. That’s a big nono to me lol. While Lord Bian loves her for a long time before her husband came along, he loves her with sincere feelings and treats her with extraaaa care. Her past husband did not do anything at all. Did not care for her or look her way at all, the way he treated her was cold, can expect that cuz it look like she raped him.. But yeah, now that she went back in time, it looks like her personality did a 180 degrees. Her and Bian is so cute together😊

  3. Ah!! Let the drama begin! 😘

    Thank you Sam, Vi, and Leaf! This and Peerless Concubine, and GCS are my favs 😍

  4. I was literally waiting just for the chapter, honestly I totally love this ship.
    Even if Xingtu was forced I kinda think that in her previous life he wasn’t into the relationship and City Lord is just too cute~

    Thank you Leaf-sama for all your effort and work! 🙂

  5. Like guys doesn’t the city lord look like the guy that helped xingtu in murdering xiaoxiu maybe they were forced to maybe they weren’t but fact is dont care what their reason is just fucked up

  6. No to Xingtu he is such a cunt for being weak to protect her wife. Go city lord Go Jintian! Please dear author never let her go back to his cunt ex. ARRRGGGHHHHHHH

  7. Nooooooooo I dont support this shippppp. I’m Xingtu’s fan foreverrrr!!!! Even what he did in the past i’m sure he was being forced to or controlled!!!

  8. omaigattttt…. i feel happy and sad, coz i still love xingtu, jintian and xingtu my fave male character for our FC… love them so much

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