Miao Shou Xian Dan Chapter 42.5

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    1. Wouldn’t say he is a coward, it’s just a tactic, and he is attacking 2 people so it’s a 2v1 which isn’t remotely close to being a coward.

      1. If he can’t fight them, then no need to go in front of them.. just walk away.. is not like they’re chasing him.. he full of greed and want to steal others belonging.. but if you insist to say it was a tactic, then it is a tactics.. and for me tactics without dignity / trick / cheat / trap still make me think he is a coward because he doesn’t dare to fight them face to face.. no need to argue actually ❤ it’s just perspective matter ✌ if the
        handsome main lead who did it maybe I don’t care either 😂 still coward but handsome, more important to save the face *rofl

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