Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 50.5

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  1. Omgeeee I’m screamingggg!! It’s 12 in the morning here! Out of annoyance my sister throws something at me and I was startled! 😂😂 Anywaysss i love it! I really do want her to end up with city lord Bian! 😍💕

  2. thank you so muchh for thiss chapter !!!! i love this man but i do love her husband too becouse i do believe there must be some reason why he did all those ; like maybe this wasnt in his own will?? i do really wanna read moree of this , but thank you so much for the hard work . LOVE YA !

  3. I am surprised no one has already done this yet, so i figure ill be the one to do it.


  4. I’m totally on this ship! But I also like her ex hubby (Bingtu or whatever his name is) lol. Thank you so much Sam, Mia, and Leaf! Can’t wait for more, but take care of yourselves 💖💖💖

  5. Awww!😍 love is sweeter the second time around. I like the Lord more, but i think the MC just got this agressive impulse coz of jealousy.

      1. I’m saving my vases for now. 😂 I though think that her reactions now are different from her 1st life. I mean, I like her cool but caring vibe and strong/independent self. Now, she’s more soft and emotional and likes to fall in love instead of searching for the enemy and knowing who give her a second chance in life. 😅 thank you so much for the update!!! 💕 bless you guys for an amazing talent.

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