The Peerless Concubine Chapter 43.5

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  1. Heh.

    Bet the ‘!’ response from Ling Ruge was her going ‘oh, /right/, Martial Masters can make spirit energy barriers, it’s been so long since I was such a low rank! Welp, time for a free buffet!~’

  2. YES LING RUGE USE ALL YOUR PLOT ARMORS AND CHEATS AND HACKS <3 <3 <3 it's nice to see all those men kneel before your strength~ thank you Caya and Leaf!

  3. sad… this anime is the only one in this plot… I’ve read alot of time travel but I love this one.. just wanna cry at the suspense… I wait anxiously for the nest chapter… thanks for the update ^^

  4. Ability to use energy of others maybe a cheat in some ways. But with Ruge (i dont want to call her ling), using it to those trashes, shes like giving them karma for their trash talks and trash attitudes. 😉 And note, no trash character there have come to their senses even with the numbers of beatings. 🤔 Thanks so much for the update. 😁😁😁

    1. So wht, everyone is cheating using their own way to do so. As long as she can return to wht she used to be she has to steal energy as the original owner is being poisoned.

      1. Cheat is not a negative statement, but a name given to a special gift possessed by a reincarnated person in the context of reincarnation genre.

        Typically, we root for the character with a cheat. If she would sap energy of boys to abuse them sexually etc. we would get angry at the author, so cheats are normally used with some ethics.

  5. Everytime you update I cry a little bit with gratitude. Thank you so much for the great quality and hard work. I’ve read a lot of stories similar to this but I must say the MC is one of the best.

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