Miao Shou Xian Dan Chapter 39.3

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  1. based off could mean you launched off that base as your source base. based on means stationed on the base. either would refer to where the legitimacy is coming from, just a little connotation change, maybe distance?

    1. Teacher made a statement, the further the distance away, the thinner the light line will be. “Based off (of) that” means, “according to that information”, he was able to deduce his other disciple was far away from them. The word “base” has several meanings, such as a permanent camp or the bottom part of a vase. –Lyn

    2. No. Most of your points are wrong.

      If you are stationed at some base, then you are based there. There is no preposition necessary.

      “Based on” does not mean you are stationed at a base. It merely indicates a foundational relationship. This is related to the noun form of base which can mean foundation.

      Examples: Based on the grammar you used in your comment and the comment itself, you seem to have a poor grasp of the English language.

  2. “The teacher” is so cute that one should pinch his cheek, delicately of course. He should obediently follow MC, she is embodiment of dumb luck, a.k.a. grace of gods.

  3. Quote: Based off (sometimes seen as based off of) is increasingly common and frequently heard in conversation. However, the term is incorrect and based on is the correct word choice.

    The Chronicle of High Education explains how the term based off has seen a dramatic rise since the 1980s and seems to mostly be used in speech rather than writing for now.

    Since the teacher is an older, well-read person, one would expect him to say “based on that”. The girl could be sloppy in her speech and her saying “based off” would stress the difference between the two character. It is also worth remembering that the initial meaning of “on” is “A is on B” === “A is in contact with B and above it”, while “off” has the initial meaning “away”, “getting further”. So it is “off base” to say “base off”.

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