Goddess Creation System Chapter 218.5

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    1. I think the previous king died so unexpected because he wanted to make the first prince his successor…. So his step mother ( the mother of the second prince) somehow knew about this so she killed the king so he could not give the sword of truth to the first prince. What I don’t know is that, if the second prince knew that his mother killed his father and that his father didn’t want him to be the next king or he believes that his mother is innocent and his father loved him the most so is logical for him to be the next king and for that alone he has to kill his brother.
      If it is the second, maybe Xiaxi can find a way to make this brothers reconcile with each other, or atleast to make them stop trying to kill each other. And in the most tragic situation, the second prince dies because of a third party, not because of his brother or Xiaxi…..

  1. I think that power driven maniac’s father decided to give the throne to our pharoh but that maniac’s mom did something or tampered with his decision

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