Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 198.5

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  1. Can the website publisher consider creating a tree on the TOC page? Perhaps grouping chapters in numbers of 50 or 100? The current layout out, where we have to scroll down so far, is a bit unwieldy. Thanks!

  2. “how dare the 9th prince not give me any face?? just because i strangled yuheng so hard i left a clear mark and only stopped because the 7th prince made me” like yeah man, who would’ve thought, right?
    same attitude as yuheng’s shitty dad with his “omg why does yuheng hate me/our family so much?? sucks that we failed every time we tried to kill her, i want to kill her asap” like…………. really dude?

  3. The Third Prince is NOT a XUAN. They are not blood related brothers, the emperor and the empress knew about this. 😏😏😏

  4. Yep, this is the minimum punishment for that bad move of the 3rd. Some general villain can’t just go around and choke an MC without a good punishment.

  5. I have a feeling Ninth Prince’s legs will be healed soon and can’t wait till he shocks everyone walking into court one day 😁😁

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