Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 117.2

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  1. Not gonna lie this fight was a disappointment. Especially the wait for mc to show and face her. This encounter was too early and probably the school chasing her while the eastern folks try to steal the tower dragon was enough. We know the honglian had a stronger spirit beast than her ice bird but I thought the mc other world skills would be enough to at least make it even but apparently not. Its never a good look to see those close to the mc get trash around and to watch the mc cant do a thing about it. Only thing mc can hope for now is to lose her in the forest or ask yan for help again and as for we the audience is hoping that blind guy shows up to change something(Although his relationship with the honglian is questionable). Anyway thx 4 the chapter.

    1. Well I think It’s realistic, i prefer this over those unbeatable MCs. She’s genius, but she still can’t beat the ones that were already powerful before her reincarnation

      1. Yes I prefer MCs that aren’t op with little or no training, but how can you say she a genius if she can’t figure out how to beat someone who’s not that far above her. A few swings here and there and because cultivation is higher time to run lol. This is where her assassin skills combine with intellect would come in but author seem to have forgotten the beginning points and is now completely focus on that world points.

        1. Maybe honglian power is indeed far above her. After all, beiyu body is too weak for xitian full power, so beiyue cant go all out

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