Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 197

Uncategorized / Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Please give your thanks to Zoe! Busy day today for me, so not much updates for today D:



6 Replies to “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 197”

  1. The 7th Prince is always described as a godly beauty and calm temperament… but this god sure got angry this time!

    Thanks Leaf, Zoe and everyone!

  2. Well, no matter the temperament you gotta say the Emperor is passing some good genes to his children. Poor Seventh brother.. where can he find a Henger of his own?

  3. I feel the art of 7th prince is little bit different.. he’s more look like the 3rd prince in this chapter.. usually he looks like 9th prince.. 😂

  4. Nice palm impression left there, but that might have saved the third prince.
    Thanks for the release and special thanks to Zoe!

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