Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 197.5

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11 Replies to “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 197.5”

  1. I hope 7th prince is going to be fine 😭 don’t last word him please.. thank you Zoe and leafs team.. ❤

  2. he’s gonna get mad at her >:O even if she could have avoided him, letting herself get hurt would hurt him too :O!!!’

  3. Ah, it ended too easily for the third prince. This should have been the final nail in the coffin. Probably the author wanted to extend this -.-

  4. Seventh prince really took care of Feng Yu Heng, he never loose his composure but i can see he really care for her (as you see he leave a red mark at Old Three, he really piss off). When he lecture FYH, his words full of worry and sincere. Is he falls in love with his little brother sister-in-law?

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