JULY Announcement~

Uncategorized / Friday, July 5th, 2019

So, a lot of people are still asking me the same questions and if it takes me 1 minute to reply 1 email then 60 emails will take me an hour. That 1 hour can be used to scanlate another chapter instead, it’s not that I don’t want to reply some msgs but they have been address multiple times over and over again. I just want a break from repetition hell XD So do read announcements and save poor leaf some time T_T *cries*

So July’s announcement is just what’s happening so far with schedule and stuff~ TLDR version:

  • Website is now fixed – if you still encounter errors please do let me know but again, if you do see an error just come back in 5-10minute and they usually go away by itself because server may just be overloaded 😛
  • These series are uptodate – I consider within 5 chapters to raws uptodate because it’s unfair to force our typesetter/cleaner to finish the day of so I think 5 chapters is reasonable slack 😛
    • Goddess Creation System
    • Miao Shou Xian Dan
    • Master of Gu
    • Shen Yi Di Nu
    • Feng Qi Cang Lan
  • Master of Gu artist is still on hiatus therefore no new chapters have been put out by them
  • Lan Chi has been dropped
  • Break the world has been dropped
  • Tian Xia Wu Lai will now resume
  • We are finishing up season 1 of Martial God’s Space ~
  • Beauty of century + Imperial Poisonous Concubine is on break – It’s summer and they deserved it 😛
  • I am waiting for Rhapsody of Mulan to be resumed by author before picking it up
  • Again, do not DM about series that other groups are already working on, be respectful~
  • Thank you all for reading here and if you support any of these series above please do consider turning off your adblocker to help us keep running !

-Leaf out ~~