Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 116.3

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  1. one of three things is gonna happen Beiyue beats honlian, blind guy interrupts the fight, but that could also be bad as it is not certain he will side with Beiyue or 3 yan or her master come save her .

    1. or Beiyue loses which would be shocking but i dont think so because the story already said that honglian kills strong people and i dont think Beiyue is gonna die here

      1. Well Honglian’s gonna retreat because Beiyue’s master is gonna intervene. Blind guy will also return and meet with Honglian.

    1. the annoying one is the grandmother and the royal family excluding the crown prince,king and princess . The grandma assumed things about Bei Yu’s mum and killed her. She should live her whole life with the guilt of having killed her own child and then die a pitiful death. As for the queen, she is just a power-greedy, jealous b***h.

  2. Can that annoying blind child from before come to do something good and help BeiYue since the purple prince is so useless?

  3. Plot twist, the beast that hypnotizes made the multiheaded chicken grab her and run away. I mean that multiheaded chicken is surrounded by so many powerful enemies, why else would it go out of its way to grab a person?

  4. I don’t think Beiyue is as strong as honglian but I would like to see how she defeats her. N I wonder will her master aka the spiritual beast would come out to help her as well as yan!

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