Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 46

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  1. BTW m a all Ships sailor Coz I want a Harem like this for myself too… after all polygamy should b present for girls too … ryt🤗🤣

  2. In this world where love resides in dating app it became everything shallow like choices. All are choosing between guys, but not understanding the story is shown such a way that half of the main things r kept hidden from readers. Ship the guard he isnt powerful enough to protect her, her husband i guess he is also a string pulled or the most unseen character which can be seen through. If he is a friend then he is here to help her else he can also b 1 trying to kill her but most importantly there is no doubt that he is some powerful figure. Third goes the city lord, he is the best friend who is in love with her bt unfortunately the heart wants what it wants. She had always loved Xingtu nd no 1 else. That blue haired guy is just having attraction towards her. Since the story is reverse, coz in patriarchy the men hav these things and all things end up using the word seduce and no deeper feelings for women this is completely opposite. Coz loving someone is deep for a lady so she couldn’t love the guys as she still has the habit of loving only her husband from last 7 yrs. If u love u can’t choose it has to be the only one. Now slowly everyone may realize that sometimes situations can force people out so though on surface her husband killed her still he is the one to tried to change her fate. Don’t go on expecting coz i am sure when the other side of the story will surface out people will eventually understand who is right for her.

  3. This story is so Great!!I love every detail about this💜hoping to have an update about this😢, It will be such a waste for this beautiful and awesome story if it didn’t go on,Thanks!

  4. YunHeng is still my number one. But if City Lord is willing he can be 2nd little.
    husband. The others I just don’t care. Esp her ex husband.

  5. The only people i actually ship her with are City Lord Bian and Yunheng. The other are perverted or bad guys who i dont care about. FMC also doesnt stick to 1 man and likes every man she sees.

  6. I can’t stand the fake husband dude from the brothel. He literally looks like a middle-aged woman instead of a really attractive guy and he’s got a horrible personality. Plus he always says “wifey” and that’s just super stupid. LOL

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