Miao Shou Xian Dan Chapter 38.5

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  1. AH, I bet He was an only child because his Mother got tired of being his Dads punching bag and CUT HIS WANKER OFF! Am I right???? lol

  2. this chapter deserves a decimal point. only a decimal point. well it adds a couple things but wow i must read too fast cause it was like 10 seconds?

  3. I have to wonder, how can a website just stop working like that? (This is not a critic, it’s actual puzzlement on my part ^^ ) Anyway, it must have been quite the headache. Thank you for all the updates despite all that!

    1. Something Like this usually cause of hardware error.Probably the HDD.They probably backup it back from RAID and put it into new HDD

  4. Thanks for all the chapters. I’m glad your site won’t be giving you any more headaches for the time being haha.

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