Goddess Creation System Chapter 212

Uncategorized / Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Please give your thanks to Caya ! Actually please give thanks to all our summer helpers! They really got many series going at lightening speed ^^ so yeah Arigatou, thank you, xiexie, whatever language you guys speak. Do thank them ^^



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  1. Omg… did his parents and brother also betray him? Because we know he thinks his lover betrayed him.

    I’m still under the impression she probably did it to protect him so it was only an “outward betrayal”, but the ultimate goal was to help him. I mean she even died in order to “betray” him.

    Also, if his parents and brother betrayed him, then I am going to feel bad for him when Xia Xi dumps him for the next objective… He’s going to feel so betrayed. Then again, maybe she can figure out a way to fake her death so he doesn’t feel betrayed?

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