Martial God’s Space Chapter 55.5

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  1. blood has iron. if you took a lot of blood and drew out the iron and some other metals and forged it all into a sword, youd have a sword made entirely of blood metal. someone calculate how much blood that would take. of course, the blood would have to come from pretty girls. that would be a good sword. leafworthy.

  2. Doesn’t matter if it’s magnetic or not, if it conducts electricity, he can use induction to heat it nearly to melting point.

    1. God is not magnetic, true, but it’s very good at conducting electricity. And magnetic or not, everything is subject to electromagnetic fields. However in that case, electromagnetism tends to repel objects.

      Thanks for the chapter update Leaf and crew!

    2. Technically, everything with charge (atoms) is magnetic. What you are thinking of is ferromagnetism. There are different types of magnetism.

      Also, why do some people reply to comments without actually clicking “reply”?

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