Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 111.2

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    1. Okay I got confused at first.

      So this girl is HINGLIAN the one who ordered to help the lion beast. That they mistaken for beiyue.

      Okay okay interesting pips are going in. Damn she looks like beiyue.

  1. oh my… hope this mystery will soon be revealed! thank you for the chapter Leaf and team… more power to all of you guys…

  2. That’s Beiyue’s look alike.. someone from another country and also She’s got a Giant Red Venomous Snake as her pet while Beiyue got Ice, baby lion, and her spiritual monster

  3. Is it Princess Long? Did Beiyue have a long lost sister with boobs all along? Or did the artist just run out of eye and hair colour combinations?

    This all and more on the next Feng Ni Tian Xia.

    1. Nope. It’s that really dangerous girl from another country with the large snake. Beiyue noted that they looked strangely alike.

  4. she’s not beiyue, although they look alike you can differentiate them by their chest. Beiyue’s flat-chested while Honglian’s chest is big. Hope that can help differentiate them.

    1. The same girl from about 40 chapters ago? But didn’t she have rwd hair?
      Don’t tell me she also has a black jade piece on her

  5. C…cliffhanger in such a good timing lol

    I wonder why She looks like Beiyue?? Hmm… long lost child of Beiyue’s mother? AKA her sister?? Maybe..???? Or just a coincidence??? So many question damn….

    Thanks for the Cliff-…. Chapters Or Update?

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