The Peerless Concubine Chapter 32.5

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. This MC is one of the most beautiful female MC with realistic xianxia game style I’ve seen. Loves her being confident and badass

  2. Third time (trying to post) is the charm! Thank you ApK, Bamboo, and Vanilla!!! You’re hard work is totally appreciated! I adore this manhua 💞

  3. tyvm for the update and the power lvl is more of a normal graduation for the region they are in now… there is probably higher realms

  4. Sometimes i really can’t wait the next chapter.. Sometimes Just ok.. Sometimes i want to drop this..
    And i don’t know why…

    Btw… Thank you leaf and team….

  5. Im kinda confused with their Power level.
    Is the power lvl from 1 is weaker and 9 is stronger or the opposite.
    Cause the uncle is martial lvl 3 while his daughter is lvl 4.And the uncle is supposed to be stronger

    1. Alright, let’s see…Quiet day at work, so gonna zip through and see if I can figure out which order things go in…

      Ling Ruge (Original Soul) – Grade 3 Heavenly Path Cultivator of the Celestial Sect
      Feng Wanqing, Ling Ruge’s Mother – Grade 7 Martial Artist (Poisoned to destroy Cultivation)
      Ling Xianyue – Rank 4 Martial Artist
      Ling Ruge (Post stealing Bai Yuyao’s Spirit Energy) – Rank 8 Martial Artist. She spikes/concentrates her power to hit like a Rank 9 Martial Artist in the fight with her cousin, Mu’er.
      Second Uncle – Claims to be a Rank 3 Martial Artist and that it would be ‘incredibly easy’ to deal with Ling Ruge when he first confronts her in her courtyard with his son. However, notes that he can’t physically fight with Ling Ruge, since he’d lose massive amounts of face (for bullying the well-known ‘Trash’ of the city).
      Guard Zhao – Took a Breakthrough Pill, attained Rank 6 Martial Artist.
      Ling Ruge’s Brother Whose Full Name I Forgot – Rank 6 upon recovery.

      Nourishing Pill (Fed to heal Xianyue) – Grade 1
      Martial King Pill (Grade 5) (Refined to allow Great-Grandfather Bai advance from Rank 9 to Martial King)
      Grade 5 Pill noted to sell for enough to buy a Nice House, but the ingredients Ling Ruge can find when just leaving the Ling household are only enough for Rank 2 pills.
      Initial Batch Auctioned were Grade 2 and 3 pills, and the quantity shocked the auction house master Han Xing. Grade 5 pills are ‘higher’ than lower numbered pills.

      The two best alchemists in Red Sea City are both implied to be Tier 5 Alchemists.

      In conclusion, it looks like it goes from low-to-high, with a general rank upgrade at Rank 10.

      I suspect this means that Second Uncle might be a Rank 3 Martial King or Advanced Martial Artist or the like, since everyone else is mentioned to be a Martial Artist and otherwise it makes no sense for him to say he can easily deal with Ling Ruge when she’s showing off Rank 9 power while he is ‘only’ Rank 3.

      1. …Or Second Uncle really is just a Rank 3 Martial Artist and just has a giant raging ego.

        Given Manhua, could be either/or. *shrug*

  6. Now that’s good supportive sibling we have here ! Great go ahead ! I support u guys !
    Bdw thanks Leaf and Team 💯😍🤗🤗

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