Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 45.5

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  1. I think she is the Queen heir. Truly. Blood related and not someone that just ingested her blood like other Gid Heir.

    Our Yunheng is as usual <3

  2. I think her mom was the king. So she inherited most powerful blood and the most powerful god’s heir. That’s why someone want to kill her for her powerful blood or for being a powerful god’s heir or maybe for she’s a heir of royal family.

  3. Its possible that they are all reincarnated… I mean Yunheng said that he didn’t want her to die because of his weakness with the word ‘again’. What’s weird is that, Xingtu’s virgin mark is gone, why is that? In the main character’s past life, the Priest’s is still untouched. And its impossible for him to do it with someone since the time was turned 6 years back. I have a feeling that Xingtu was one of the people who revived her… Maybe? Since in their ‘first’ meeting on her second life, he ‘accidentally’ mistaken her for someone else and eventually questioned her if she’s really married. I mean, why would you ask someone like that in your first meeting? And the main character’s husband, the time frame of their meetup is too much of a coincidence. He even said that he’d be waiting for her in the auction? I mean, of all people, why bump into her? Unless you know where she actually is. They indeed bump into each other, but in a different place. So why did they meet coincidentally in another place? Also, Xingtu is so concerned about the main character when he shouldn’t be. He’s cold hearted towards her in the past, why be nice and jealous unless you opened up to her and knew her longer than anyone else.

    T-thats my analysis.. If there’s a mistake, forgive me.

    1. Maybe they remembered their pasts but keep it hidden, no wonder it didn’t trigger the event of Her father being killed unless they remembered exactly what happened to them. Just like Yunheng, you can’t say that a person died once unless you knew that person really died once. I think only some people would have this memory and those are the people she interacted with in her past life.. Since she was the one revived.. If I’m wrong in the next few chapters.. Please forgive me (T-T) I just wanna voice out my opinion..

      (By the way.. Thanks for the update (^-^))

  4. Sam and Mia. THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for this story, which ROCKS!!!
    Sorry, just very excited about it. And “Again”??? Yunheng, sweet and dear Yunheng, do you remember? OR are you referring to something/someone else?
    Either the citylord or Yunheng, they are my 2 most favourite ships.
    This story is full of twists and hilarious moments. It is just perfect!

  5. Thank you so much Sam and Mia! We appreciate you and this story ROCKS! Thank you for your hard work 💞

  6. Did u guys realised that at the end he says “ I can’t let my sister die because of my weakness again”
    Why does he say again?????

  7. Ahh this is getting very interesting. I still think she is a very selfish MC for how she treated her husband so I hope she doesn’t up with him. I’m rooting for her and the city guy.

  8. Wow don’t tell me all of the people that know her also came back from the past like her 😯😯😯…but I also get the feeling that the one who want to kill her is someone very important to her 🤔🤔…

    *well thank you very much for the update leaf-sama*

  9. “I can’t let my sister die because of my weakness again” ..
    Am I thinking too much or is it possible that he remembers her death

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