Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 125.4

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  1. She’s gonna beat that butcher, and it’s gonna be funny. Poor guys didn’t even understand that the “protection” was more of a “rally to the boss”.

    1. There is! Just go to the individual series title page and you’ll find a list of chapters for that series, of course. You can get there from the menu function.

    1. Well, once the tiger told her what’s going on, she concealed the aura. So, chances are, the next opponent WON’T piss themselves before the fight even starts.

  2. Leaf, thanks a lot for the updates… I NEED MORE! But I don’t have money to donate to encourage a hasty update so I will bear with that.

    1. This journey to the demonic world started to save Moge. She needs the water of life to save him and that water is in the demonic realm now.

  3. I love how they just admit defeat and they are.(talking about The audiences)..including her confused about it lol 😂

    Anyone?….. saw those panel? It became smaller to smaller (not a good explainer so just use your brain to understand what i said srry 😅)

    Thanks for the update❤️♥️

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