Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 189.5

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    1. The durgery was a success, but he needs to let them rest a bit / needs to do more rehab I believe. But they’re keeping it a secret that his legs have been healed and are alright so people will let their guard down and they can more easily find their enemies (most probable)

  1. Awww! I loved this one. I hope they start focusing more on Aheng and the prince’s relationships soon! They’re so adorable!!

    Thanks for the updates! I am seriously addicted to this manhua! It’s my absolute favorite!

      1. She can be sexed legally at 15 so 12-13 is already almost legal in that era. And you gotta remember that kids at that age are instilled adult values prematurely for their age since they are expected to marry early, produce children, and carry on the family’s burdens.

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