Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 110.2

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  1. Yan is princess longs honorable spiritual beast I bet, if you remember when she went to save the emperor she was riding a black and red dragon spiritual beast

    1. Really..!? Then it means my guess is right then the honorable beast is yan not the other one( the beast in the tower is what i’m talking about ^^)

    2. But, arent the divine dragon in tower also red and black? I thought that was princess long’s beast…
      And also i think yan is a dangerous divine beast that princess long trying to seal with the help from her divine beast (the dragon in tower with my assumption).
      Just my guess tho

    3. Princess Long’s beast is the one in the academy. This guy is someone else. It probably has to do with Princess Long’s background. Don’t forget all of the other stuff other than the potential incest.

  2. Completely unrelated to this but I don’t know where else to ask: What happened to Lan Chi? It’s neither listed in the dropped list nor in the featured section.

  3. Finally looks like we get insight into Yan! He must be something similar to the Honorable Spirit to take human form? I hope we will get some back story on how he was sealed and who by!

    Thanks so much for your hard work updating!

    1. Yan was sealed into beiyue, causing the original BY to be unable to harness internal energy. No one is sure what Yan is but Yan claims that many god level summoners were required to seal him. Yan also used his powers once when Dongling was pretending to be BY’s alterego, fighting the 8th grade grade summoner with the dragon beast.

  4. Thanks for the Update!!
    Before I shipped beyue & prince yi but if he is really handsome I will ship them❀
    Really interestet in the next chapters

    (Am I the only One that has auto correcture in a different language so it is really hard to write😭)

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