Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 188.5

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  1. Reading these manhua is a guilty pleasure of mine… I noticed that when the protagonist is a girl the stories tend to be made out of 10 percent “she’s had a hard life”, 5 percent “WOW prince charming is a doormat when he is with her and a lion when he is with others ” AND a staggering 85 percent BICKERING -very much like chicken, to be frank – but the weirdest thing is I CAN’T stop reading them XD

  2. Yeeeesh.

    Suck up to her, ignore her, or treat her with hostility.

    Choose one and stick with it, Granny Feng.

    The constant attitude shifts are getting a bit annoying.

    Mind you, I suspect it’s going to bite Granny Feng in the back eventually, since she’s forbidden everyone from using Aheng’s medical services, so she’s probably going to come down with something Aheng could fix and have a lesser doctor attend to her.

    1. >Why Is Granny Feng Like this to the MC?
      Granny Feng’s noted to be extremely fickle and greedy by Aheng when she moves back from her family’s exile to the mountains.

      Basically, she’ll favor whoever can give her the best stuff, such as rare gifts, money, or, in this case, Imperial Favor.

      She was a strong proponent of Aheng for a while before when it was obvious that the Emperor favored her, but switched to her current attitude when Aheng, 9th Prince, and the Emperor started their plan to mess with the 3rd Prince by making it look like Aheng is now disfavored by the Emperor for being unable to fix 9th Prince’s injuries.

      Granted, that’s complete malarkey, he’s actually quite fond of Aheng (in part because she’s also greatly favored by his favorite-but-most-standoffish Consort, Consort Yun, who is 9th Prince’s mother and 7th Prince’s adopted mother) and the surgery went well and the 9th Prince is just recovering, but the Feng family doesn’t know that, so they’re back to trying to push Chenyu up because they falsely believe she has a Phoenix Fate, guaranteeing prosperity and power and the like, so they’re trying to hook her up with the 3rd Prince so he can usurp the throne (whether through a main coup or palace shenanigans, whatever).

      Aheng is a bit of an embarrassment to them, because they exiled her, her mother, and her brother in an overreaction to the Emperor being moderately displeased with her Mother’s family, as Aheng’s grandfather was the Imperial Physician but didn’t manage to save one of the royal consorts from dying of an illness or disease. Feng Jinyuan later had the rather ‘oh shit’ moment of realizing that even if the Yao family was told to leave the capital, that’s a moderate punishment, not a major one, as they did not have any of their titles or lands revoked and no one was executed. Basically, when the Emperor feels like he’s made his point, he can invite the Yao Family back whenever he wants.

      Personally, I suspect that is going to end up being a major counter balance to the Feng and Chen families, since Aheng got her mother officially divorced so she and her mother are now officially Yao, not Feng, if I understand things right.

      On top of that, Aheng’s been constantly poking the Feng family in little ways and keeps seeming to come out smelling like a rose while their fortunes keep getting worse and more stressful, and she’s pissed off enough at the immediate Feng family (she didn’t seem to mind her paternal Grandfather back in the Feng Family’s province) that she’s starting to more openly snub them in little ways (like getting Feng Jinyuan to put the Feng family mansion up for collateral on a loan instead of giving him the money like a good daughter, making him come in the back door, etc).

      Combo that with being the fiancee of a prince who isn’t in the camp of the Prince that Feng Jinyuan is supporting, as well as good friends with 7th Prince, who is also neutral, this makes her a bit of a threat to their ambitious. They really wish they could get rid of her, but unless she dies or gets old enough to be married off and move her household to her husband’s home, they’re stuck with her hanging around at the moment.

        1. My thoughts as well.


          Aheng is still a Feng since the divorce only removes her mother from the Family/residence.

          Also, thanks for the summary its quite great to see someone getting the hang of the story for us.

          1. Ah, couldn’t remember without a binge (which I didn’t have time to do at the time I typed up my summary) whether or not the divorce proclamation removed Aheng from the Feng registry as well.

        2. Work can be very slow and I have learned, via years of text based MU** games, to be a fairly fast typist.

          And I have a weakness for Reincarnation Court Drama Manhuas that lends to me thinking about them far too much.

  3. meh i don’t know why but i see the old hag dying of heart attack,at least that would make the thing more funny… tyvm for the update

  4. Annoying granny, even in private she can’t be a family member. Just because it appears that the emperor doesn’t favor the ninth prince, what a suck up and shitty clan.

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