Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 44.5

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  1. I like to ship her with xingtu again.. but it’s look like the one with red hair is the closest.. maybe he’s the one ? Btw thank you so much for the new chapter ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Holy molly… I feel a big time twisting conspiracy is brewing.
    I mean… someone killed her, she was resurrected for a unknown reason. Assassins tries to kill her earlier then what past life indicated and she knows nothing of who or what wants her dead. The brothel her father worked in burned down with all its history and all of the employees have memory loss.

    Yea… big conspiracy here.

  3. Waaah I’d rather ship her with this red haired guy or the others except fricking xingtu. I hate his existence no matter what. Their cheesy moments I hate it all. I really hope she ends up with someone else. PLEASE O DEAR AUTHOR!

    1. Not sure why you hate him. He saved her life in this life (even as strangers). She raped him in the previous life and he endured it for six years as her husband.

    2. And I feel like he killed her intentionally to help to let her reincarnate again. Maybe so can plan against the ppl who actually want to see her dead. Still, he killed her sooo

  4. Wait could it be that her unborn child was the sacrifice? Like it it the like 50% xingtu. It kinds of makes sense for the with my blood part? Ithink.

    Thanks team <3

    1. Really? Then that also means that he also reincarnated with his old(past…or current?) body?

      So confusing…..

      Also her dad is a narcissistic person lol it kinda feels weird… hahaha….ha…….. °-° seriously… not funny…..

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