Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 44

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Please give your thanks to Sam + Mia ! Hm I think ur best bet in enjoying these stories is to…forgive the inconsistencies and move on 😛 These authors work on more than 1 series so them forgetting their own plot/storyline is reasonable XP



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  1. Yes.. that sentences.. with the help of my blood, you will be reborn.. i am glad they said it again.. my baby xingtu.. poor you..

  2. With the help of my blood, you will be reborn. Okay as I expected it was xingtu, that’s why the sign of his virginity disappeared.

    1. No… He was already raped in the previous life, so he was not a virgin when he killed her. No clue what happened to his virginity in this life, but he was still drugged by the female disciple and she did run out of his room?

    2. It could be like that.
      His virginity is the price of reviving her, thus, the mark disappeared in the current timeline.

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