Goddess Creation System Chapter 209.5

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  1. Dude, It’s not like Xia didn’t have slaves too. Even if you call them “servants”, if you can control their lives, even beat them to death, and they’re not allowed to leave, they’re still slaves. In fact, before being released from her life-contract to become a commoner, Xiaxi herself was a slave.

    1. That’s different in His country the servents aka slaves are there to work out of their own accord cause they need money or their parents sold them. But in the dessert they capture random people on the street . As far I recall the servents in xia even if they have life long contract they still get a minimum amount of salary but slaves of dessert has no such thing.

      1. Uhh. No.

        The servants are not working of their own accord. How could a kid be working voluntarily if he/she was sold by his/her parents? We have no idea if slaves of the desert get a stipend (we also don’t know if Xia slaves get a stipend, but it is safe to assume both do). The slaves do seem to have tiers just like in Xia. The concubines’ slaves seem to have pretty good lives whereas the slaves who built the market obviously do not.

    2. Finally, someone think the same. Xiaxi has forgot how she used to be a “gift” to someone and then become fertilizer right after just because someone disastified with the gift.

      How is that different with the slaves.
      Xia servant basically slaves too. I dont see any different with desert slaves aside from the term name

  2. Why would they abolish slavery when they could have slaves and hire a workforce? Slaves are mostly unskilled workers anyway, and they have chances to earn their own freedoms. It seems like the author is trying too hard to only focus on the negatives of slavery and pushing the worst perspective of its benefits. Not to mention, the slaves in the palace are shown to be good workers so far. Loyal as well. I think they should have focused on improving slave conditions instead.

    1. lol “earn their own freedoms”. Unless its a slave made by contract, caught slaves(which im sure are the majority since thats what happens with slavery irl or not ) cannot “earn freedom”. Unless you mean freedom by death. Also a human with motivation (moneys) can become skilled when put in one position and not fearing having to be out and in the job. so its better to abolish.

      Oh And!
      the possibility of slaves leaving after being freed is possible so meaning less people to account for feeding.

      Having one efficient is better than 2 inefficients.

      also how many positives are there to focus on than negatives. Is slavery good to you?

    2. what is the good thing about someone being a slave? And who said that they are loyal? In history there has been people who were killed by thier slaves..
      Also a slave is not someone who choose to be a slave.. He was forced to do and sometimes the slave merchant kill his parents in front of his eyes so he they can sell him..
      And lastly if the slaves were at least treated nicly, can meet thier family from time to time and can get thier freedom if they want to we can then say that its NOT THE WORSE thing..

      And if you think its a good thing why don’t you try what they face at least for a day? The food May not be enough, they have to do bad things like killing or stealing if the owner ordered that

    1. The author got into contact with leaf and ask if they could stop the releasing of the chapters, so if has been dropped indefinitely.

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