Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 109.4

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  1. Wait, is Yan a nine tailed fox? I thought he was also a Phoenix but fire type which is why a flaming Phoenix rose from BY after her battle after the horse riding/archery competition?

    Looking forward to figuring this all out!

    Thanks muchly for the updates!

  2. Nooo… At such a entertain moment.. Anyway really can’t wait for the next chapter..
    N she shouldn’t let yan out yet course her sister 🙄.. She being that guys n he was actually want to find some who have that (what was it again ).. Anyway it dangerous for her to revealed herself… 😞
    But still waiting for the next chapter😘

  3. Since Ice is outside the formation barrier, she should just have Ice fling his ice feathers at each of those bastards. That would be more than enough to stop them, maybe even kill them.

    Thanks for the chapter update Leaf and crew!

  4. Lol he chooses to fight beiyue i thought the dragon is also important old man? I mean…. old principal hahaha… you’ll regret this old ma- principal ^^

    Thanks for the Update so the dragon inside Beiyue will be unleashed? Can’t wait! Though i think its a bad idea errr…. because the old principal suspects her that she has a connection with that country right? But if she unleashed the dragon inside her then they will become more suspicious of her…. right? Well it can’t be helped after all its life and death my my~


        1. At first i thought so… Or an oldman… But it shapes like young Man Black shadow… (Sorry i’m not good in english…)

  5. that guy needs to die fiercely. but she has a bad track record on that. and she could have helped vs the dragon but he is being stupid.

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