Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 109.2

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  1. This old chang he got the priority wrong. You doesnt seem as wise as it should be 😑.
    No matter what i see, the eastern country alr breaking the law by attacking/stealing in other country, yet he let them. If i were the emperor, ill accuse him in cohort with eastern people

    1. Well, they suspect she is involved with an even more dangerous entity, Xiu Luo City. His priorities are where they should be. The actual problem is that they are mistaken about her association.

    2. I don’t think you’d be the emperor though, fix your grammar first, then think about being the emperor.
      Also you can’t be the emperor because he’s not real, And because the tradition of having emperor, empress‘ ended long ago in China (You gotta learn some history). Plus I don’t think you’re Chinese

      1. Lmao dude what’s with the hostility?chill out man it’s just people making online comments about a manhua why are you so worked up? Chill dude chill

      2. @Zi Relax man. We come here to enjoy ourselves, and immerse ourselves in fantasy. Not to blow up at others for doing just that. So chill out and eat a cookie or something.

      3. Why so work up over a comment about manhua?
        First, english is not my native language, i learn it mostly by playing game, reading scanlation etc. So im not strived to be perfect. As long as other party understand then its enough for me.
        2nd: im not china resident, and even more glad that i live in modern era as ordinary person with internet running
        3rd: what im talking about is about this fantasy emperor in this manhua. What is the relation with the real emperor?….
        I guess you should properly learn to differentiate between fantasy and reality first rather than being a grammar nazi

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