June 10th Announcement!

Uncategorized / Friday, June 7th, 2019

Hey everyone! I just got back from my roadtrip and tired…Please read below because I don’t want to repeat myself in emails and I can see there are a stack of them to go through….XD I will go through them tomorrow~ Give me a bit of time~

  1. ALL SERIES will resume tomorrow on June 7th! However, LAN CHI has been officially dropped! So I will not be replying any emails regarding LC cause there are too many…
  2. Master of Gu still has no updates from author.
  3. I am working on GCS this week then SYDN next.
  4. MSXD is being worked on but i’m slowpoking…XD
  5. I will not pick up on any other series until I catch up to what we currently have~
  6. Finally, thank you everyone for being patient with me while I was on a roadtrip ^^ I will continue to work hard XD

Lastly, just want to rant or complain a bit…but these months were harsh and I just can’t wait to see a better day or week or month…but just cause I can’t have good days doesn’t mean you guys can’t so I hope at least people out there are happy and having fun ^^