Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 123.6

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    Also, yeah, no way they got anyone larger than that Kraken. She looked like Ant Man when she fought it.

  2. HOME RUNNN!!! oopps.. She just lifted the damn elephant and didn’t hit it.. Welp.. Doesn’t matter it looks the same so yeah.. HOME RUNNN! 😂

  3. Yey I can’t wait untill the next chapthers it will be so hilarious😆 just like how it was from before, people who underestimate her becomes a laughting stock😂😂😂

  4. Hahaha cant wait for the update.
    Hope fully the staff will put the series more often and in 1 link. Not with like this 123.6 but just ch 123 or ch 124

  5. Thanks for the update leaf… I just love it please update it fast… Can’t wait to see what will happen…

    1. That elephant reminds me of team rocket from pokemon tv series. They always turn into stars…🤣😂🤣

      Thank you for the chapter!

  6. The elephant is much smaller than the giant kraken, there’s no way it can defeat her.

    I feel that xiaowan just hit a home run

  7. When I was rly young I saw cartoon film “Herkules” same move like her when he throw all titans to the sky. XD

  8. Lol they all will be shock hahaha….

    She swing the elephant so easily hahaha

    Thanks for the update i can’t wait to see their reaction 😂😂

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