Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 122.4

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  1. First of all i wanna thank you for all your efforts that you have put in these chapters. Secondly WHERE THE HELL IS THE NEXT CHAPTER BUTTON we are already near the end of November. Sorry i’m not being rude i know you are busy but plz i live for this story 🥺😭❤❤

  2. aaaak found this manhua over other platform (my fav one) then curious to see the next chapters thru googling it. I came by the one before this but there are so many missing chapters.. and being stupid i am, i dont even realize that the scanlantion are coming from your source 😂 (i actually gooling it again and try find another source and got u!)

    thank u so much leaf and team for the past few days i’ve been read this manhua~

    please do make a come back, stay healthy! ^^

    1. Go back to the chapter list and scroll down. Idk why the button is gone but there are still some more chapter already out!

  3. I was so hooked! I was reading into the wee hours of the morning. Thank you soooooooo much for the updates and hard work you guys have done, especially you Leaf!! You guys are amazing!

  4. Thank you for all these updates, Leaf! Don’t listen to the critics who only know how to flap their mouths and not do anything productive. They are just jealous windbags. You are amazing, so please don’t forget that!

  5. It’s nice to see that she didn’t become a loner due to the betrayals she went through in the earlier chapters, honestly most mc’s would have trouble trusting other people after what she went through, but then again not everyone betrayed her in the end, so it’s nice to see that she can still be kind enough to help people, it must be her inner character trait.

  6. I’m so glad these 3 are friends and not enemies. I’m so tired of reading stories where every female has to be an enemy of the main female lead.

  7. I’ve seen this story up to 130… But i Can’t read it coz it’s chinnese… I Just saw the picture.. So i always comeback here to read…
    Thank you so much leaf n team…

    1. Yeah, that’s called spoiling yourself! Which half the time is worse than being spoiled by others, because you make assumptions about what the undecipherable text is only to later find out that it’s something completely different.

      Thanks for the chapter update Leaf and crew!

  8. I reaaaally miss the game system it was sort of different 🙁

    I felt like there was some type of “cultivation police” that force writers to write their cultivation story as similar as possible xD

    1. Not really. Isekais with gaming systems are very common these days. I’m sure it will come back once she gets strong enough. After all, Mo Ye Ge knew about Earth. Something created that gaming system for her…

  9. to be honest i kinda feel relieved that the game system isn’t there anymore,considering that she is stronger 100 times than before and she is just a foundation stage. the inventoy system would be nice but can’t have everything

  10. I wonder if the game system will be restored.
    I can’t wait to see her fight, I’m sure she can defeat most of her opponents easily. I mean she can even defeat the giant kraken, so she should be really powerful now

  11. Thanks for the update

    I hope someone can comfort me over ny last comment

    A bit worried though. I know it’s to save lives but I feel like it’s going to haunt her later on because of how she’s casually teaching other people about Divine Conciousness. I know it’s not enough for it to master the Art of Chaos, just that if blue haired bitch is indeed related to the bitch on Moge’s flashback, then this could help her achieve her goal, yeah?

    1. Divine Consciousness is not unique to the ‘Art of Chaos’. Every Cultivator has a Divine Consciousness. You just become make capable of using it the stronger you get.

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