Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 121.7

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  1. Wait, one of the sisters said earlier that she thought EVERY alchemist uses this heart flame thing. Now the little sis says not all people can use it. Must have been an author’s mistake.

  2. Thank you for the update!

    A bit worried though. I know it’s to save lives but I feel like it’s going to haunt her later on because of how she’s casually teaching other people about Divine Conciousness. I know it’s not enough for it to master the Art of Chaos, just that if blue haired bitch is indeed related to the bitch on Moge’s flashback, then this could help her achieve her goal, yeah?

    I am hoping the sisters would end up becoming her besties though, other than Coffin face, the former bitch Nu or whatever, and the current leader of Lang Ya, and as unlikely as it is, she’ll forgive but won’t forget what Thunder Roots has done (punish half his clan maybe? Esp the ones that just abandoned her), thoae are what’s left of her allies.

  3. Thank you so much for the update and all your hard work. Hearing about a new way to refine pills is interesting and I love that for the first time she is the one doing all the learning. I think since her betrayal she has really humbled herself and opened up to others views and perspectives. I just hope that Senior Han and Thunderoot are ok and can reconcile with her and that she can help Moge and Wenrenzui find their bodies!!

  4. I love the sisters! It’s refreshing for her to have friends she can converse with and help her at the same time. Friends who won’t BETRAY her (if you know what I mean 💔)


    1. I don’t know, why a lot of readers didn’t like that sisters…
      I mean, it rare to have another female character beside MC thats not a b*tch, so I’m fine…

      1. Yeah I agree! It always warms my heart when authors include female friendships!
        I am still hoping that her real-life best friend will find a way to contact her or even join her in the game!

    1. Let me ask you this.
      Is the game system even needed for her to grow strong?
      At this point we could consider it as her Tutorial Mode being finished and now all her U.I is disabled/Gone.
      Sure the Game element was pretty interesting but that’s it.
      Since we could see her becoming more powerful without the Game system is it even necessary to have?

    2. That game system was nothing more than Moge’s divine consciousness. It’s not going to come back, but if she really wanted to she could replicate it herself when she gets strong enough, but it would be pointless because it would be created and controlled by herself instead of some gift from God. At this point onwards, the game system is useless to her as she can do everything she could with it without it.

      Thanks for the chapter update Leaf and crew!

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