Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 40.5

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  1. So you’re saying to me that XingTu was able to get off that white haired woman off his back even when drugged, but couldn’t do the same with the MC?? Weird… Really really weird. I’m starting to presume deep down his heart he didn’t retaliate when she supposedly raped him because he actually wanted to have a night with her. And if he is able to resist aphrodisiac, then he voluntarily went to the MC’s room?? Smt’s fishy here.

    1. In the first place she never raped him, strongly persuaded, YES, rape, NO!!!
      He never offered any real resistance and in the end quietly accepted it!

  2. While there are some hints that Xing Tu knows more than he is letting on, I do not believe he is from the previous life. That is merely a red herring. However, by getting to know the Xing Tu in this life, the MC will figure out why the previous Xing Tu killed her.

  3. Hmm.. obviously he remember his past life too since he was shocked that his ex-wife was alr married on their first meeting in the present.
    This is just my guess, i think he had big misunderstanding with his wife back then,and only realized his mistakes and love after he killed her, wanted to get a ‘relife’.
    In my eyes, from he accidentally appeared in her drinking place till now(1st meeting), what i see is he is trying so hard to seduce her.. and since he is not the aggresive type and know her so well, he just kinda flaunt his beauty here and there to make his ex-wifey lose control…

  4. IDK why.. I have feeling the one that make wishes to travel back is xingtu.. Or its just my wishes hahahaha.. I just wanna know he loves her.. At least he say that he loves her since in the previous life.. (He can roughly not accepted when she wanna make love in 7 years, but he didnt, why????..) Omaaiiigaaattttttt.. I still ship her with xingtu in this life
    Thanks for update

  5. Xing tu doesn’t have a problem.
    In fact,, he is quite impressive~ in bed?
    Guan Xue, please love him again, and Singu, love your poor ex-wife again!
    Somehow, I wonder if xingtu also time travel back too

  6. I mean, he’s handsome and all but it sure looks like he’s having an allergic reaction on that last panel.

    1. No don’t support this ex husband ship. No matter the reason he killed our MC. Even though she was a dofus for raping her husband not once did he show his affection. this tusndere is a no no.

      1. Would you show affection to your rapist…?
        And acually there were hints that he did. That time at the grave of the dad of Guan Xue. Or when he showed something resembling jealousy in one of those flashbacks.

        And I don’t support the ship. But he seemed to be conflicted between liking her and hating his situation.

  7. Thanks so much for the chapter guys! Really happy to hear you’ll be working on it more, it’s my favourite story on this site!

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