Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 38.5

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  1. Do you think she has a bounty on her head because of who her mum is? You know, since we haven’t seen her yet she could be royalty or something :/ just a thought

  2. Lots of people who hate her ex husband would definitly cheer him on if he was a female priest in the same position. (and we don’t even know what exactly happened whe she died)

  3. I think her husband should just get out of the picture and be her friend. He already stated he was not going to stay with her forever. We all know she said she wanted someone she can grow old with. So therefore, he should unoccupy that role of husband and allow her to find someone who genuinely wants to be her husband and grow old with her.

  4. I love xing tu! 🙂 I want the new fake husband to go away (the dark haired one… can’t remember his name). He looks like a drag queen and he acts stupid. I’m a sucker for white/silver haired hotties though. The city lord is pretty hot also but I like xing tu better.

  5. I honestly like her ex. Considering what she did to him, and my belief he want in control of his body when he killed her, I don’t think he’s a bad guy.

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