Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 183.5

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  1. all these complications when she could have done her in countless times already including while she was unconscious for surgery couldve done something to affect later on. as for whats in the well, who knows, but none of this is proof chenyu did anything. no more than there was proof the 3rd sis got done in the lake. speaking of which she doesnt get much screen time.

  2. So she made another body look like Peier and did all that just to expose that there is a body in the well?
    Still, it is only a body, unless 1st miss will admit to it nothing will be proven.
    I cant wait for the 4th miss mother to be exposed with the bastard baby, that will be fun, but I wonder how mc will prove it (well, simple math would do it I guess).

    1. No, that body is Pei’er. Why would she get another body that resembles Pei’er? Where would she get it? The well probably has more evidence to prove she drowned in there vs drowned elsewhere and moved to Chen Yu’s courtyard.

      1. Because Peier is under a mountain of rock in that well?
        That is why, 1st princess told her maid to throw her into the well and fill it in.
        Why would mc excavated the well, took the body and fill the well again just to excavate it again for some proof she was killed there, who cares if the body is right here and there?
        Where is the logic in that?

        1. not just why but how. that would take a huge time. and how are they going to dig out a well now either? it would days of professional work.

          1. They probably had Bou Zou (the hidden dude) get the body out and leave the outer clothes in the well before they closed it so it would look like she is still in there and put her body by the well when it was time

    2. Need to pay attention to the setting. This is the type of setting where people believe in phoenix fate and ghosts. If Pei’Er was wrongly killed, her corpse could have knelt by the well to reveal her plight. That fits the setting of this period piece. The evidence in the well probably has to do with the the Elder Sister’s secret correspondences with the Chen family and not who killed Pei’Er; however, it would implicate the elder sister in her death.

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