Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 102.3

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  1. wait! arent you the mother of the king? the royal family would fight for the prince or princess; not murder them because they are afraid.
    Plus those prince and princess are the offspring of the side that said “murder your daughter”..how laughable.
    I guess blood family can be easily replace

  2. well they have their own reasons… that cost many misunderstanding but then killing someone is not the best option…. princess long own the dragon and the guy in the cave is also the dragon and the grave is for princess long i think and i think the beast wanted to teach the female lead bec. maybe after dying princess long said a word to him for her daughter

  3. the answer is simple,they threatened to kill beiyue. what other reason could there be for princess long to take the poison

    1. Unlike the King, Princess Long most likely prioritizes others and her country more than her self interest. She didn’t seem like the type who would have wanted her country to split or let countless citizens fight and kill each other just cause her brother fancies her too much (she forced herself to get married to someone she didn’t even like for that reason too).

  4. so Yue’Er is the child of the king and the kings sister…wow that a great turnout yeah

    Cant wait for the next updates

    Thanks so much

      1. I think that grave might be what the dragon made as a memorial for princess long since it seems like she was his master

  5. Thank you ApK and Dunei

    1. who is yue’er true father?
    2. why her own grandmother kill her own daughter?
    3. why princess long not kill lord jingan, she has a fucking big huge dragon

    still mystery

    1. 1. Probably the king, since the mother had not slept with her husband once when she got pregnant.

      2. The head of the jingan family put pressure on the grandqueen (since the king favoured princess long, and his concubines over the queen) and i assume that jingan gave the grandqueen some kind of ultimatum like, if she is not dead within a week the troops stationed outside the sity will attack.

      3. No idea, maby ‘couse it’s an influental family and the family of the current queen or something.

      1. Might have to do with the hostage situation.
        When you have a hostage, priority is usually rescue, rather than eradicate. She had to find him later, so she probably wasn.t sure where he was. If she did an AOE attack, he would.ve been caught in the crossfire.

      2. 1. Just because she didn’t love her husband does not mean she did not have a lover. We never saw how the king was cured.
        3. She is strong, but he had an army. Many loyal troops/citizens would have to die during the rebellion regardless of the outcome.

  6. No! That is such a crappy reason! =( So I guess that means Beiyue will be going for the Jingan family next. Also, the whole thing with Yan being trapped in her isn’t explained!

    Thanks so much for the bumper update!

  7. i don’t understand, isn’t princess long a one-man army? she could wipe out all jingan troops with her summoned dragon, why bother with suicide?

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