Lan Chi Chapter 89.6

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  1. I feel angst will come… Uhh… MQ and ML…why both of you… Just say it! And…julian… Where julian? I am curious about Julian reaction to MQ when ..MQ and ML have good relationship. Hehehe

  2. I just cant give up on Julian. 😭😭 although i ship ML and MQ but i want julian and ML to be together 😭 But MQ just fits ML 😍

  3. I have a feeling that the glasses guy won’t come back because he failed to accomplish his task… So they will kill him? According to what Julian’s uncle said “The kids is this orphanage are lucky. They receive good education and they have a chance to work for our family one day”; like hitmen I would say – it’s obvious. Just think of ML’s fighting skills… The glasses guy mentioned it himself.
    By now… I think he’s done…

    1. It is a bit more complicated. Even if I think you are correct in your assumption.

      His whole mission was completely busted. He was supposed to off her and make it look like an accident for Julian. Even if he’d be suspicious, there’d be nothing to prove she was killed. There was the main point. The main point was make her death quiet, otherwise he could simply shoot her down and be done with it.

      Since Julian/Xilian are aware about attempts on ML’s life, there is literally no point for his uncle to send hitmen for her anymore. Basically, he gave up on that, at least for now.

  4. Uwsaa thanks dofuu-sama and Leaf-sama… am really happy here.
    At least ML is finally showing her true self to MQ… and MJ who knows nothing is almost like their child here… hmmm… it’s like they’re standing as a parent for him.. and keep protecting him from harm…
    MQ who is so mature and handling everything with calm and ML who knows a lot of danger and keeping them away from it… since they’re step-siblings. I can only imagine them husband and wife… how sad my life.
    I hope senior sister also ends up with Julian since they’re almost like the same age. And I feel bad if Senior Sister don’t have a partner as long as it’s not MQ!
    All of these, are only in my imagination… CRying

    1. I doubt Julian will handle ML without a fight. Especially since his own father figure betrayed him like that. He is possessive person who won’t share her with anyone if he says anything about it.

      Still, honestly, I can see Julian and MJ teaming up. Julian may be a bit crazy, but he is on par with MQ intelligence-wise.

      Perfectly, ML family-zoning them all would be hillarious and a bit satisfying.

      Though MJ and Xilian can make an adorkable couple. I ship it 100% ^_^

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