Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 101.4

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  1. One thing that no one has mentioned is what about the girl who looks exactly like BeiYue ? Did princess Long have twins and send one away? Or is it just a coincidence that the girl looked exaclty like her? Also I am assuming princess Long sealed the beast within BeiYue. I wonder what the story behind that is?

    Although the King favored Princess Long a lot. There were other ways to separate her from the king besides death. The Empress Dowager was her biological mother. Even though boys were favored more than girls she should still have loved her daughter enough to find an alternative to killing her. She could have faked her death and then she live out her life in another country or something on the DL. Bei Yue could have also had a faked death with her so they could leave together and live a more low key life with new identities.

    1. Judging by their ages (ahem, boob size, which clearly signifies a woman’s age in this story), Honglian seems much older than Beiyue so they can’t be twins.

    1. Don’t you see? He just threw away the man who helped him win the war against the enemy, weakening his own position, and that of the kingdom’s in the process, and he did it for his sister. So long as Princess Long is alive, the king will continue to make bad decisions for his country, because he will always choose his Royal Sister first above anything. That’s why she needed to die.

  2. My thoughts exactly. Princess Long didn’t get anything when she rescued the Emperor. She risked her life for him and for the country. What did that Empress or her family do? Her reward was something she deserved. That envious family deserves to be punished

    1. Its true she saved him, but still, it goes against the proper costoms and traditions, which was increadibly big for someone of high standing, not to mention the emperor.

      Remember that the emperor was a public figure.
      His each word and action infuenc
      des everyone around him. Though i do believe princess longs daughter deserves that much for all her help all these years, its still inproper and pretty much unthinkable, especially for someone as traditional as him.

      Also, is the empress in the wrong for being envious?
      Your own husband practically ignores and disregards you, treating his own sister as his tresure, and her child(which has dubious origins) is given more importance than his own children with you.

      You tell me, is she really in the wrong here?

      1. Yep she is !) she already knew his feelings were unobtainable 2) she schemed against other concubines (A BIIIG nono in theory though some got away with practice) and therefore thinned the number of heirs 2) schemed against surviving heirs

        It is not her right to question or have politics in the harem. Fewer complaints and jealousy and she may have had a chance to enjoy her strong position within the palace and her children would not become he saw with a jaundiced eye. In the end, she saved his life, retrieved him and tidied up the war. Since she could not be awarded anything higher and even got demoted in a marriage, therefore her daughter should reap what she earned. NOT uncommon practice with favored people. Sometimes non-blood related were made princess or a duchess with lands and ranking. And her family got their payoff for their help. The woman he didnt want was made his Empress. Means her children have the strongest position for the throne if her family, herself or the children don’t majorly mess up

  3. if only this site had a previous button. did this skip something? whose child is it? i didnt see him having any relations with her? other sites have previous buttons.

    1. Its beiyues mom who had the emporers child and her mom was actually a blood related sister to the emporer SOooOo INCESSSTT

    2. It’s most likely a time skip to trick the readers into a “plot twist” later on. Like, “Oh, so she wasn’t born of incest after-all? :O “.

    3. We don’t know whose child it is yet. It is heavily implied there is incest, but that is most likely a red herring (specifically due to how blatant the foreshadowing has been).

      You have to remember the existence of Hong Lian, the blind kid, and the beast sealed inside the MC. Incest alone would not explain the complicated background of the MC.

      What is a more likely explanation is that rumors about incest forced Princess Long to take her own life. People just assumed it to be true (just like many of the readers), so she had to face the consequences of incest even if it were not true.

  4. Should not rush to assume Bei Yue is actually his. The author purposefully skipped over how he was actually saved.

    Don’t forget that rumors alone can be enough to destroy someone’s life/reputation. Princess Long could have been driven to her end by false rumors.

    1. I mean, it’s very heavily implied because of the context in the (previous) chapters. I don’t think it needs to be said or shown.

  5. Without princess long they wouldn’t even have a country to call their own. Princess long saved them from being defeated and enslaved by the enemy country. So I think that princess long and beiyue have all the right to have the highest pristage.

    1. The problem isn’t prestige it’s the Emperors reasoning. As an Emperor the priority should be given to the country, citizens, and the country’s future. First in line for the throne is his son (patriarchal society), so he should be the most favoured. Instead the Emperor has given Beiyue higher prestige and shown more favour than his own son. What message does that send to court politics? It’s a delicate balance to keep everyone below the tip of the triangle happy or else it’ll collapse. People keep thinking kings have absolute power but they rule as long as there is court support. Coups has started for less in history. It might also cause people to support different parties of power which may cause succession problems.

      When Lord Jingan tries to convey this, the Emperor gives no proper reasoning or thought to the stability of court politics. If he did offer some rational reasoning, Jingan would’ve have probably grudgingly let it go. Instead he is punished for seeking rational reasoning to the questionable move of the Emperor.
      In short, the Emperor is a horrible ruler who cares too deeply for his sister (I’ll say to the point of obsessiveness).

      Also who said Princess Long wasn’t given proper recognition for her actions?

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