Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 37.5

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  1. I really don’t understand her obsession with Xingtu? He’s attractive but the City Lord is better and so is Yunheng… he was never nice to her and understandably so!

  2. This MC… Well, pretty much every MC ever…

    Active libido during life and death situation… Instead of freaking out and triggering the fight or flight response, she gets turned on…

    1. Hahaha I get you. Still if I’m in her place I would get that feeling too. However my rage would be the first that I would feel considering this bastard killed me.

  3. Idk anymore. There better be a back story and an acceptable reason, such as Xingtu being under someone’s control, or else he can never redeem himself no matter how hot af he can get *still drools, sorry for that*.

    And thanks as usual Leaf as well as Ina + Sam!

  4. Mah heart ♡♡♡♡ YASSSSS HAREM END TO THE END😂😂😂😂😂


  5. There’s so many men to ship her with… I don’t know anymore… No matter how hot her husband was, still don’t like him that he killed her with their unborn child…cruelaf

    1. There was probably a very good reason for it. We’ll find out in 100? more chapters.

      Also, he didn’t know she was pregnant. Also, there was no proof it was even his… We know he was very distant and cold with her in the past life.

      And I’m pretty sure Xing Tu will win in the end… (First husband)

      1. I get that there is a reason for it and he never truly loved her as he always closes his eyes when they make love. Also it is implied in the story that our MC is loyal to her husband even though he is cold. She craves his affection. I hate his husband I don’t want them to be together again.

        However I’m quite conflicted the blood that resurrected her in the past one year has similar ability to his husband maybe his husband sends her back in time or is it their unborn child.

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